Cold Feet

A Teacher's Tale

Sep 2007

Teacher's TV

Richard Wyllie of Brook Lapping arrived for an afternoon at Freman College, filming me with a small group of Sixth Form students and getting background film of the College "in action". It was a strange experience to see this group of four so uncharacteristically subdued but this was probably due to the hardship of sex linkage and dihybrid inheritance, rather than the trauma of being filmed.
More background film was shot back at home in an atmosphere of total chaos as we were packing up to take my daughter to London tomorrow, where she starts her first term studying English Literature. Much hilarity followed when I pretended to drive up to the house and "arrive" home.
At first my family were adamant that they would NOT be seen on film or interviewed but eventually they relented and allowed a bit of unscripted chat in preparation for Helen's big day. Helen even agreed to speak to Richard about what it was like to see her Dad disappearing off to Antarctica and gave her interview surrounded by half-filled suitcases.
I wonder how much of this will make it into the final programmes?

Sorry you didn't get filmed this time; Year 10 and especially Year 11. Come along to the auction and get yourself on film there!

Edwinstree School

This morning I gave an assembly to the pupils of our principal feeder Middle School next door. In this one, I tried to describe my year and explained what I had been doing (and why) since I spoke to them in January. Once again I had a wonderfully attentive audience, but I was struck by how much I would have liked to spend more time with them, particularly answering the questions that the children are itching to ask.

Royston Rotary Club

Up to Royston Golf club this evening for a splendid meal and an interested and attentive audience. For all my nerves, I found that once I got up to speak, I relaxed and enjoyed telling these nice people all about the strange path that has led me to this point. There were many engaging questions and lots of encouragement. At the end of it all I was given a very welcome cheque for the funds.
After all my fears, I had a really enjoyable evening. I'm really looking forward to a return visit after the expedition.