Cold Feet

A Teacher's Tale

Oct 2006

Buttermere and a change of fortune

The weekend in Buttermere has been wet but worthwhile. Not only have we learnt to put up the tents and use the stoves but we have had a great walk in an area that I think is the most beautiful in the country.
However, the most extraordinary thing of all is that I will indeed be going to Antarctica. In trying to explain my new idea for a Science project to replace the one that I felt had been "thrust upon me", I was really anxious to convince Steve and Richard that I could do this effectively. I also realised again how desperately I wanted the chance to go.
Having been chosen to replace Claire, I now feel that I can redouble my efforts to raise the funds and get the local children and press as involved as possible. I feel for Zoe, because I think that it is psychologically tougher for her now, being the only reserve, and if she wanted the place as much as I did then she will be very disappointed.