Cold Feet

A Teacher's Tale

Jan 2007

Middle School Talks

I have recently given talks to our two major feeder Middle Schools.
On the 5th of January I spoke to the children at Edwinstree (next door) and on the 17th, last Wednesday, to the children at Ralph Sadleir in Puckeridge. I used a powerpoint slide show to talk through a little bit about the history of Antarctic exploration and to tell the children about what I will be doing in Antarctica and how I will get there. Steve's photos provided a nice backdrop to the story.
A short school assembly at both schools means that there was not time to answer questions but I am hoping that longer visits later in the year will give the children the chance to ask lots of questions. In both cases the rapt attention of the audience was something to witness. If only I could get that sort of attention in an ordinary Biology lesson!
I'm always amazed at the hold of Antarctica on children's imagination although, given my own fascination for so many years, I shouldn't really be surprised.