Cold Feet

A Teacher's Tale

Apr 2007

Isle of Wight

A really enjoyable five days spent walking around the island. Mark and I managed to get on well but he is a hard taskmaster. So keen was he to get back early on Thursday, that he marched me along three enormous days of about twenty miles each. However, although cold and sometimes dull and windy, we did not have a drop of rain.
The Needles
Food and suitable camping places were the main concerns. On the morning of the third day, Mark was getting very anxious about the lack of food, indeed he had been reduced to eating dry Bran Flakes for elevenses. I was aiming for a village where I felt sure there must be a shop. In fact we arrived (with perfect timing) at the "Wight Mouse" Inn and had one of the best lunches ever. There is nothing like a walk of several miles to make you feel that you're eating the best Steak pie ever made. This revitalised us for the completion of a very long day (Nine til Seven).
We woke up on the last morning with ice all over the tent, but stayed pretty snug all the same. I can't begrudge Mark his wish to get back quickly as he is now hard at work at GCSE revision.